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Hello Global Game Jammers,  

Thank you for registering for the Global Game Jam 2024 in Koblenz.   

We will open our doors at the TZK on Friday from 10 a.m. and look forward to three exciting, creative days with you.   

You will find a timetable with all information on We will use this as our common roadmap for the event, so please check it out beforehand! 

We summarized the most important pointers for your convenience:  

  • Pack your tools: Laptop, computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard and other equipment. Please note that we do not provide any hardware.  
  • Software check: Make sure your tools are running smoothly to respect everybody’s time.  
  • Don’t forget the cables! We provide the main power supply, but additional extension cables are always a good idea.  
  • Self-catering is key: We provide drinks and organize pizza for everyone, but make sure you’re well stocked on basic food & snacks. There are supermarkets and bakeries nearby if you need to restock.  
  • Hygiene and sleep: The TZK has no showers, only toilets. Those wishing to stay overnight should think about sleeping gear such as air mattresses & sleeping bags.  
  • If you are planning to arrive by car: You can park your car in front of the TZK for a short time to unload your gear etc. Please use the surrounding streets and the gravel parking lot in the parallel street to leave your car overnight.  

Don’t forget: Our Discord server! The ideal place to exchange ideas before, during and after the jam, for example: planning carpooling!

If you are on social media and want to post about the event: In addition to the official hashtag, please also use #ggj2024koblenz  

We are really looking forward to seeing you.  

Your GGJ-Koblenz team  

Address Location:  

TechnologieZentrum Koblenz (TZK) 
Universitätsstraße 3 
56070 Koblenz 


The TV station SWR wants to report on the Global Game Jam and will therefore visit us at the TZK on Sunday around 1:30pm and film there. The recordings will be made for a 90-second report for the SWR news on Sunday evening.

Please let us know in advance if you do NOT want to be filmed.